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Empowering your content management: unveiling the features of Bunny CMS
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Full service
Technical skills aren't necessary; our team handles the system setup for you.
Ready solutions for your adult business
Benefit from our extensive experience in the adult industry; we offer pre-developed features tailored to your needs.
Best solutions for membership adult sites
Optimized solutions specifically designed for paysite sites, ensuring maximum efficiency and user satisfaction.
Content & members import
Transitioning from an existing paysite? We can assist in seamlessly importing your content and members.
Latest features and technology
Our code is constantly updated to incorporate the latest advancements, ensuring no outdated components.
Flexible features and updates
If you need different feature we are ready to add it.
Weekly updates
Our system continuously improves, so you won't need to manually update your website.
Quick support
Experience prompt assistance, reducing downtime if issues arise.

Content features & users section

Preview & member areas
Separate free users and members into different areas and add individual designs to each of your sites.
Preview Section
Provide thorough details about your content and galleries in the preview area to free users, and make sure to provide information about your content for Google crawlers.
SFW / NSFW on preview
To comply with future EU regulations, we already support SFW / NSFW on preview section.
Multiple Video Qualities
Provide videos in different qualities for various user choices.
Video Cutting
Easily edit videos to provide the best user experience.
Multiple Content Provider
Utilize feeds from various content providers or upload your own content. Don't have support for your content provider? We will add it for free.
Gallery and Teaser for Each Movie
Show nice photos and preview videos for each movie on preview
Fast Content Delivery
Use a secure Content Delivery Network for quick protected content sharing.
Organized Content
Content categories, tags, studios and actors.
Multilanguage Sites
Add different languages to your paysites and attract members from various countries.
User Engagement
Include features like liking, favoriting, commenting, etc to keep users engaged.
Content Rotation
Automatic rotation of content if there are no updates over a certain period.
Content Features of BunnyCMS

Payment & security

Recurring Payments
Allow recurring payments through credit cards and cryptocurrency.
Payment Diversity
Support multiple payment providers for user convenience.
Security System
We have complex fraud system.
Allow the option for free or paid trials.
Price Flexibility
Offer adaptable pricing options to suit different user needs.
Universal system
Leverage our login system for integration with third-party sites.
*Note: Some functions may not be available.
Safe and Secured Adult CMS - BunnyCMS
More Than Only Adult CMS Not Only CMS

We offer more than only CMS

With over 13 years of experience in adult paysite development, our team is well-equipped to meet your needs.

Our clients can ask us to create custom features for their websites. It could be a custom payment method, CDN service, or any other unique feature you require. Keep in mind that some custom features may involve a one-time payment.

Our full service is included in all our packages. You won't need to do any technical work. Our tech team will handle all the script preparation and setup on our or your servers.

Request custom features

Promotional Features

SEO Optimization
Ensure all sites are optimized for search engines.
Affiliate System
Implement an affiliate program to boost site promotion.
Comprehensive Analytics
Access statistics from Google and Bing for insightful data.
Social Network Integration
Facilitate automatic posts to social networks.

Collaborate with Your Partners

Engage new site owners to join your adult network with BunnyCMS Engage new site owners to join your network and thrive collectively.
Entice traffic providers to promote your adult sites with BunnyCMS Entice traffic providers to promote your sites, boosting both visitor numbers and revenue.
Build your own View Share network with BunnyCMS Draw in content creators with high-quality content and profit together.

Admin functions

Admin functions encompass user management, site handling for multiple sites, subscription oversight, signup and rebill tracking, login activity monitoring, content organization, and customizable features based on client requests, providing comprehensive control and tailored administration.
User Management
Site Management
Subscription Management
Signup and Rebill Stats
Login Stats
Content Management
Custom Features
Admin Panel for Best Adult CMS - BunnyCMS