Technical specifications

Server requirement

Bunny CMS incorporates the latest libraries, frameworks, and technologies. To run it on your hosting, all you need is a VPS or Dedicated server with full root access – we'll handle the rest.

While you can use any server, we recommend at least a 2 Core CPU and 4 GB RAM for the main site, and a minimum of 5 cores and 8 GB RAM for content sites.

Please be aware that not all hosting providers permit adult content.

Software specifications

We utilize Docker containers, eliminating the need to set up virtual hosts, PHP, Python, Memcached and MySQL DB on your servers.

BunnyCMS is powered by the latest version of the Laravel PHP framework, MySQL, and Bootstrap. This ensures fast and stable performance across various client devices, including mobile, tablet, and desktop.

We rely on the CDN network, an ideal solution for video streaming. It offers video storage, conversion capabilities, and supports different video quality options. Rest assured, it's fully secure – every video is exclusively accessible to logged-in members. However, if you have a preference for an alternative CDN provider, seamless implementation is well within our capabilities.

Our login system operates seamlessly for members while maintaining 100% security.

Technical specifications of BunnyCMS