Frequently Asked Questions about Bunny CMS

How to install Bunny CMS?

You don't need to do it yourself. Our tech will setup the CMS to our or to your server. But if you prefer to do all work yourself we will send you detailed instructions how to setup it.

How make custom design templates?

We use blade templates system from Laravel framework. Also we use Bootstrap framework. You can easy change design as you want.
Our support will do it for you if custom design included in your package.

I have already website with content. Can I import my content to your CMS?

Yes, we can assist in seamlessly importing your content from old sites.

What is a main website?

The main website serves as a parent platform used for managing members and subscriptions, tracking payment statistics, enabling logins to content sites, and managing affiliate programs. The main website itself does not host any content physically; instead, it aggregates content from content sites and presents the results to visitors. For an example, you can visit

What is a content website?

A content website is a site that primarily focuses on hosting and displaying content. It does not have payment functions or login information; instead, all logins are routed through the main website. However, the content website itself offers various functions for managing the content, such as editing, importing, exporting, and more. For an example, you can visit

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes, you have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Currently, we accept Credit Card recurring payments, PayPal, Bank Wire, and Crypto.

Will my website work after I cancel my subscription with you?

No, your website will no longer function if you choose to cancel your subscription.

Can I reactivate my plan after cancellation?

Absolutely! If you've canceled your plan and later decide to renew your subscription, we would be delighted to assist you again.

How much will it cost to add a custom feature?

The cost depends on the feature. Typically, our prices start at $100 as a one-time fee.

Does your CMS have an affiliate system?

Yes, our product supports affiliates. It's powerful tool for growing your sales.

Can I add third-party partners?

Yes, BunnyCMS provides Affiliates, Webmasters (for network package only), and ViewShare functions. You have the ability to manage your partners and monitor their sales directly from the admin panel.

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