Build Your Own Affiliate Programs with Bunny CMS

Affiliate System

In today's online marketing, affiliate programs are really important. Bunny CMS introduces a dynamic Affiliate System feature, designed to empower you in creating and managing your own affiliate programs. With our intuitive tools, you can effortlessly set up, customize, and control affiliate partnerships, enhancing your digital marketing strategies. This feature is perfect for businesses looking to establish their own network of affiliates, providing them with a comprehensive solution for commission management, real-time tracking, and effective affiliate engagement

The Power of Affiliates

Bunny CMS's affiliate feature lets you set and change the commission rates for new signups and repeat payments (rebills) for every affiliate partner. This means you can adjust everything to fit exactly what your business needs.

Why Use Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate programs are great for spreading the word about your business, pulling in new people, and making more money. They turn each affiliate into a strong supporter who uses their connections and marketing skills for you. Bunny CMS makes it easy to run these partnerships by letting you change agreements, keep an eye on how things are going, and get the most out of working together.

Our blog talks about how important affiliate programs are if you want your business to do really well. They can bring more people to your website and improve your search engine ranking, among other benefits. With Bunny CMS, it's easy to grab these opportunities.

Get Into the Future of Affiliate Marketing with Bunny CMS

Whether you're looking to grow your online presence or start a new one, Bunny CMS and its great affiliate feature have what you need to succeed. Join the future of affiliate marketing and see how Bunny CMS can take your business to new levels.

Customizable Affiliate Program Solutions by Bunny CMS

Key Features for Administrators

  • Commission Management: Control commission percentages for each affiliate for signups and rebills.
  • Sales: Clear sales statistics.
  • Payouts: Detailed statistics on payouts to affiliates.

Affiliates Privileges

  • Offers: Offers from the network's sites.
  • Sales: Transparent sales statistics.
  • Payouts: Clear information on payouts.

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