Introducing ViewShare System on Bunny CMS

ViewShare System

Bunny CMS, a content management system for adult websites, is excited to introduce a new feature called ViewShare.

This feature is available for all types of users, whether they have a single website or a network of sites. ViewShare Software is designed to change the way adult content is shared and how money is made from it.

What is ViewShare?

ViewShare allows administrators to onboard partners who wish to lend their content to the site. The essence of ViewShare lies in its mutual benefit: partners provide their content, and then earn money based on the number of views that content receives. More views mean more revenue for the content provider, making it an attractive proposition for content creators looking to maximize their earnings.

Why Choose ViewShare?

The ViewShare feature doesn't just enable a more extensive collection of content; it opens doors to new partnership opportunities. By offering a platform where content can not only be shared but also monetized based on performance, Bunny CMS is inviting content creators and studio owners to collaborate, grow, and succeed together in the competitive world of adult entertainment.

Embrace the future of content sharing and monetization with Bunny CMS's ViewShare. It's more than just sharing; it's about growing together.

Discover how ViewShare can transform your website. Visit Bunny CMS today and take your content to the next level.

ViewShare by Bunny CMS: Feature to fulfill on your website

Key Features for Administrators

Administrators gain access to a suite of powerful tools designed to streamline the management of content and partnerships:

  • Studio Management: Easily designate which studio's content belongs to which partner, ensuring clarity and ease of content distribution.
  • Clear Earning Statistics: Access to straightforward, understandable earning data to monitor the performance of shared content.
  • Detailed Payout Statistics: In-depth analytics on the financial rewards disbursed to ViewShare partners, ensuring transparency and trust.

ViewShare Partners Privileges

  • Transparent Earning Statistics: Gain full visibility into your content's performance, enabling strategic adjustments and valuable insights.
  • Clear Payout Information: Access detailed financial reports on earnings generated from content views.
  • Studios Management: Maintain control over your studio's content, even when shared, ensuring autonomy and effective management.