Introducing Webmaster System in Bunny CMS

Webmaster Feature

Discover the new "Webmaster" feature in CMS Bunny, designed specifically for users of the Network of Sites package.

Get improved control over your site, administration for webmasters, improved terms and conditions, transparent sales statistics, and much more. Ideal for those who manage networks with adult content.

What Makes a Webmaster Special?

  • Own Websites: Unlike typical affiliates, webmasters have their own sites, adding value to your network.
  • Better Terms: Webmasters generally enjoy more favorable conditions than affiliates, thanks to their unique contributions.

Why is this beneficial for clients?

The webmaster function in Bunny CMS is an opportunity to grow your network and attract new, high-value partners, facilitating a productive and mutually beneficial partnership.

Embrace the future of adult website management with Bunny CMS's webmaster feature. Expand your network, enhance collaboration, and elevate your online presence today.

Scripts for Webmasters Administration by Bunny CMS: Simple feature to add to your website

Key Features for Administrators

  • Commission Control: Set and adjust commission percentages for each webmaster for signups and rebills.
  • Sales Insights: Access clear sales statistics.
  • Payout Details: Detailed statistics on payouts to webmasters.
  • Webmasters' Sites Management: Tools to manage webmasters' sites.

Webmasters Privileges

  • Sales Statistics: Transparent sales data for performance tracking.
  • Payout Information: Clear details on earnings and payouts.
  • Site Management: Control over their site management within the network.

All necessary work for the initial setup is included with any subscription, guaranteeing a smooth start for your site without additional costs.