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MojoHost is by far the most reputable hosting company serving adult entertainment. In business since 1999 and serving tens of thousands of websites, it is known for reliability, personable support, and highly performant solutions at a great price. Winning more than 70 adult industry awards for excellence, MojoHost is proud to host thousands of adult companies and be the industry’s most trusted service provider.

MojoHost has the most extensive service offering, with products for clients at all levels of size and complexity. It features competitive products in dedicated hosting, VPS, cloud compute, storage, and global content delivery from 53 locations. With free DDoS protection offered to all customers, MojoHost offers the most secure and competent technical environment backed by its well-staffed, always-available technical support teams. As a global organization, MojoHost offers dedicated infrastructure in Europe and North America, with data centers in the Netherlands, Michigan, and Florida. Customers benefit from dedicated account management, payment in U.S. dollars, Euros, and acceptance by various convenient methods.

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MojoDedicated servers are available in the most relevant configurations to serve businesses at all scales of price point and traffic complexity. From smart trusted legacy configurations to leveraging the latest AMD processor technologies with PCI 5.0, MojoHost is proud to offer the widest selection of relevant hardware and technology solutions for companies to choose from. Its newest Ryzen 7950X and EPYC 9654 platforms bring cutting-edge performance tailored for intense applications, delivering unmatched processing speed for enterprise workloads.


MojoVPS features Ryzen technology and are the fastest gigahertz processors offered in VPS all over the world. Combined with PCI 4.0 NVMe storage, these properly provisioned and not oversubscribed solutions are immediately available for instant provisioning in Michigan, Florida, and Netherlands locations. Featuring unlimited bandwidth, an extraordinary performance guarantee, and inexpensive support options, MojoHost has redefined the VPS landscape. Dynamic storage volumes up to 7TB in size and the fastest PCI 4.0 NVMe delivers the highest IOPs and throughput.


MojoCDN features 53 locations across six continents with low everyday pricing from a half penny per gigabyte of transfer. As the only CDN to feature premium global delivery at such a low price, MojoHost empowers its customers to scale globally at a discount without sacrificing performance. Do you transfer 100s of terabytes or petabytes of content over your servers or another CDN? MojoHost will compete for your business - they claim to have never lost a deal to price, performance, or satisfaction.

MojoHost - Our Trusted Hosting

MojoHost adheres to DMCA regulations and ensures that all hosted content complies with legal standards. The company has robust content restrictions in place to maintain a safe and reputable hosting environment for all clients. Team Mojo works diligently to enforce these policies and respond promptly to any DMCA takedown requests or copyright infringement issues.

Webmasters can trust MojoHost’s commitment to providing reliable hosting services for adult content and other types of websites, along with the flexibility to scale their storage needs and ensure compliance with legal regulations at pocket-friendly prices.

Discounts for Our Clients

We are proud to announce that our customers will receive a dedicated account manager and special pricing for all services purchased. Use the promotional code BUNNYCMS to get 10% off for life on any server or VPS available in the cart.

Feel free to order products and services on the MojoHost website using the BunnyCMS coupon code. Alternatively, you can contact sales@MojoHost.com directly for custom solutions. Mention BunnyCMS to receive special pricing and exceptional treatment, even if you are not purchasing a linked deal.