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Setting Up CCBill for Bunny CMS

Required Information:

Create Prices:

  1. Go to "Account Info" -> "Account Admin"
    CCBill account admin navigation
  2. Select "Pricing Admin" -> "Add Recurring Billing Type"
    CCBill pricing admin
  3. Create a price for each type of subscription
    Creating subscription pricing on CCBill
  4. Provide us each Price ID
    CCBill price ID

Setup Account:

  1. Go to "Account Info" -> "Account Admin"
    CCBill account info navigation
  2. Click "Basic"
    CCBill basic settings
  3. Set Approval URL: "https://your-network-site.com/thank-you", Denial URL: "https://your-network-site.com/join"
    CCBill approval and denial URL settings
  4. Click "Advanced"
    CCBill advanced settings
  5. Set Approval Post URL: "https://your-network-site.com/api/postback/ccbill/"
    CCBill approval post URL

User Management:

  1. Go to "Account Info" -> "Account Admin"
    CCBill user management navigation
  2. Click "User Management"
    CCBill user management
  3. Set Collect Username / Password -> Hide both Username and Password
    CCBill collect username and password settings

Create Data Link Account:

  1. Go to "Account Info" -> "Data Link Services Suite"
    CCBill data link services navigation
  2. Click "Add User"
    CCBill add user
  3. Enter username, password, and IP of your server, click "Store User"
    CCBill store user settings

Create Test Account:

  1. Go to "Account Info" -> "Transaction Test Settings"
    CCBill transaction test settings navigation
  2. Click "Create New User"
    CCBill create new test user
  3. Enter email for test user and set IP of the test user. Test transactions will be approved only from these IPs. Click "Update"
    CCBill test user IP settings

FlexForm ID

If you cannot access the FlexForm ID, please contact CCBill merchant support for assistance.

Thank you

After you complete all the steps, please inform us of all the parameters, and we will conduct a test transaction. Thank you.