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Mastercard Rules 2023: What You Need to Know as an Adult Website Content Provider

30 November 2023

Explore the latest Mastercard rules for merchants and adult content providers in 2023. Understand the updates, violations, and how they affect your business.

Mastercard Rules 2023 | BunnyCMS Blog

The changing rules of Mastercard

Mastercard is one of the most popular payment methods for online transactions, especially for adult content. However, Mastercard has recently updated its rules for merchants who accept its cards, and some of these changes may affect your adult business. In this article, we will explain what the new Mastercard rules are, why they were introduced, and how you can comply with them. We will also tell you what our stance is on the distribution of legal and ethical content and how we follow the updates and changes in the payment industry and the adult content market.

What are the new Mastercard rules for adult content?

The new Mastercard rules for adult content are aimed at preventing illegal and harmful content from being distributed or accessed through its network. Mastercard has added new terms that violate its rules, as well as clarified and expanded some of the existing ones. Here is a summary of the main changes:

  • The following terms are now considered violations of the Mastercard rules:
    • “Beer” - no display of any kind of alcohol may be present,
    • “Brainwashing” - no manipulation or coercion of the mind,
    • “Deepfake” - no artificial or altered images or videos of people,
    • “Forced bi” - no forced or involuntary sexual relations involving bisexuality,
    • “Terror” - no depiction of violence, fear, or intimidation,
    • “Torment” - no infliction of pain, suffering, or humiliation,
    • “Vomit” - no expulsion of stomach contents.
    • For a full list of terms, see here
  • Forced or Non-Consensual Sexual Activity is now explicitly prohibited. This includes any display of alcohol or drugs, such as beer cans, champagne glasses, joints, bongs, etc. - no substances that may impair the judgment or consent of the participants.
  • Any act which involves the covering of the face, such as facesitting, choking, and breathplay, due to the perceived inability to breathe, is also banned - no actions that may endanger the health or safety of the performers.
  • Violence, or extreme sexual violence and/or Pain, is not allowed. This includes weapons of any kind - no objects that may cause injury or harm. This also includes mutilation of a person or body part - no cutting, piercing, or tearing of the flesh.
  • Images or clips including anyone who has not provided consent are forbidden. This includes people who are not fully visible, such as those whose faces are not visible because they are turned around or blurred out. Blurring images/clips is not allowed in this case - no violation of the privacy or dignity of the people involved.
  • You can also read the full list of Mastercard requirements for adult websites here

Why did Mastercard introduce these new rules?

Mastercard has stated that its new rules are designed to protect the safety and security of its cardholders, as well as the integrity of its network. Mastercard has also said that it is committed to supporting the rights of content creators and consumers, as long as they operate within the law and respect the dignity of all people.

Mastercard is not the only payment provider that has updated its rules for adult content. In December 2020, Visa and Discover also announced similar changes, following the controversy over Pornhub’s content moderation policies. These payment providers have faced pressure from activists, regulators, and lawmakers to crack down on illegal and abusive content on adult websites.

How does this affect your adult business?

The new Mastercard rules for adult content may have a significant impact on your adult business, depending on the type and nature of your content. If your content violates any of the new Mastercard rules, you may face the following consequences:

  • Your ability to pay with cards may be blocked, and you may lose your access to one of the most popular and convenient payment methods for online transactions.
  • Your account may be frozen, blocked, or closed, and you may lose access to your funds and data.
  • Your reputation may be damaged, and you may lose your credibility and trustworthiness among your customers and partners.
  • Your compliance may be audited, investigated, or challenged, and you may face legal actions or penalties.

Therefore, it is crucial that you comply with the new Mastercard rules and take the necessary steps to ensure that your content does not violate any of them.

How can you comply with the new Mastercard rules?

If you are an adult website content provider, you need to make sure that your content does not violate any of the new Mastercard rules, or risk losing your ability to pay with cards. Here are some steps you can take to comply with the new rules:

  • Review your existing content and remove or edit any content that may be considered a violation of the Mastercard rules.
  • Update your content moderation policies and procedures and ensure that you have a clear and transparent process for verifying the age and consent of all performers and models in your content. You can use tools like AgeID to verify the age of your users and comply with age verification laws.
  • Monitor your content regularly and respond to any reports or complaints from your users, customers, or payment providers. You can use tools like Trustpilot to collect and manage feedback from your customers and improve your reputation and trustworthiness.
  • Stay informed and updated on the latest changes and developments in the payment industry and the adult content market. You can use tools like Google Alerts to get notified of any news or updates related to your keywords and topics of interest.

What is our stance on the distribution of legal and ethical content?

We are against the distribution of illegal or harmful content or content that does not fit the above framework, in general. We are for those who use our adult CMS to deal only with legal and high-quality content. We offer a platform that allows you to create, manage, and monetize your own adult website, and we provide you with the tools and support you need to succeed. We respect the rights and dignity of all our performers, models, and customers, and we do not tolerate or promote any violation of our terms and conditions. We value your trust and satisfaction, and we strive to provide you with the best and safest adult website experience possible.


In conclusion, the evolving Mastercard rules necessitate vigilance from adult content providers. Adapting to these changes ensures not only compliance but also the longevity and success of your adult business.


Is Mastercard banning adult content?

No, Mastercard is not banning adult content. However, it has updated its rules, adding specific prohibitions and guidelines for adult website operators.

How can I ensure compliance with Mastercard rules?

Regularly check Mastercard's official updates, audit your content, and make necessary adjustments to align with the latest guidelines.

Will these changes affect my revenue?

While the changes may require adjustments, compliance ensures continued partnerships, contributing to long-term revenue stability.

Can I appeal if my content is flagged?

Yes, Mastercard provides a process for appeals. Ensure thorough documentation to support your appeal.

Are these changes industry-wide?

Yes, these changes apply to all merchants and content creators using Mastercard for transactions in the adult industry.

How often do Mastercard rules get updated?

Mastercard updates its rules periodically. It's essential to stay informed about these changes.

Where can I find mastercard standards for webmasters and content?

To get acquainted with the list of revised standards from mastercard, please follow this link: https://webmaster.bunnysystems.com/mastercard-revised-standards

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